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AGS has developed its Modular Display Units with the exhibitor in mind giving each unit a unique design element while remaining effective and within your budget.

Budget Builder > ELITE 9 (20’x20′)

ELITE 9 (20’x20′)

Product Description

The Elite 9 uses structural state of the art 50mm aluminum tubing with heavy-duty spigot connectors to create sleek lines and shapes.  When combined with zippered fabric graphics, Elite 9 creates a sophisticated and dominating presence.  Stretch fabric graphics are offered for the centerpiece ring section.

Easily incorporate 3 monitors to add multimedia messaging.  The reception counter features a white laminate base and printed slat accents, as well as abundant lockable storage.

Features, Accessories and Graphic Options Include:

  • 1 x 18′ tall fabric covered tower centerpiece with 7′ diameter cone and 3 curved architectural support beams covered in white fabric.
  • 3 x large monitor mounts (Monitor not included)
  • 1 x Center reception counter
  • Standard Carpet, 16 oz.

Accessory Options Include:

  • Reception counter with accessible storage and locking door

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