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AGS has developed its Modular Display Units with the exhibitor in mind giving each unit a unique design element while remaining effective and within your budget.

Budget Builder > Elite 10 (20’x20′)

Elite 10 (20’x20′)

Product Description

The tower structure of the Elite 10 stands 15′ 9″ tall.  The curved fabric graphic atop the tower will inform visitors with your brand and message.  Three demonstration/work stations provide generous counter space, back-to-back monitor mounts to hold TVs/LCD screens and lots of accessible storage underneath.

Features, Accessories and Graphic Options Include:

  • Top structure features 96″W x 48″H purchased pillowcase fabric graphic and sides/curved arms for fabric graphics
  • Base structure features accessible storage 96″W x 36″D with lockable door
  • 6 x Lumina 200 LED floodlights
  • 3 x Presentation stations with black counter tops
  • Counter size is 37″W x 36.5″H with accessible storage and locking door (Monitor not included)
  • Standard Carpet, 16 oz.

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